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Pet Boarding

While you're on holiday, here's where your furry friends will spend their time.

Pet Daycare

Our pet sitters has over a decade experience working in pet care industry.

Pet Transport

We welcome dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes that meet safety requirements.

Higher Standard of Care

  • EAT
  • PLAY

You can bring your own food for your fur-baby and we feed them while they are under our care and we still give them free treats in between play-time and other activities with our pet sitters.

Designed so your pets can relax & indulge with our pet sitters, run around our exercise area, make new friends in our daycare, or simply spend hours in our dog grooming salon.

The positions your fur-baby sleep in, the way they twitch or move, and the amount of time they spend napping can reveal a lot about how they’re feeling.  Petness World will make sure they get a deep sleep and having adequate rest.

Services Add-Ons

Discover a wide variety of Petness World LLC services to choose from, including pet daycare, dog walking, pet boarding, steam bath, and more.

Free Treats

We give only premium treats.  All treats are nutritionally balanced, to help your pet maintain a healthy lifestyle after play-time and other pet activities.

Spa and Grooming

Petness World dedicated pet grooming area includes experienced pet stylists and carers.

Activity and exercise

We make your lives easier and happier by providing first-class care to your pampered pets.  Dogs and cats are housed with air-conditioning systems.
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